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Principal's Message

Dear Eagle Families,

As a fundamental school, El Camino's philosophy is to maintain academic rigor in an atmosphere that promotes

respect for one another

We help our diverse student body develop the skills to work collaboratively with others both as students and as future members of the global community.  We expect all Eagle students, teachers, and staff to treat each other with respect and kindness.    

development of personal responsibility

All students are expected to work to their full potential and to demonstrate academic responsibility, follow all school rules, and behave in a way that promotes a safe school environment. 

and readiness for the world beyond the classroom

At El Camino, we are preparing students to be confident and successful community members.  Students are expected to be to classes on time, seek tutoring to ensure academic success, and take ownership for a positive high school experience.    

Our faculty and staff work hard to support students, but we count on parent/guardian involvement as well.  As a parent/guardian, please commit to:

  • checking student progress regularly via Parent Portal

  • supporting positive attendance 

  • encouraging appropriate behavior at school

  • active engagement in parent organizations such as Boosters and PTSA

I wish you all the best for the 23-24 school year. 

Take care and Go Eagles!

Evelyn Welborn 

Evelyn Welborn