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About Us

The counseling office has an "Open Door" policy for students. The best time to connect with your counselor is before and after school and during lunch. If your counselor is unavailable, please see the counseling secretary to submit a request to see your counselor. 

Parents and students can also contact their counselor through email or by phone; however, email is the most efficient form of contact.  If you have questions and concerns related to a specific class, please contact the teacher before contacting the counselor, as the teacher knows their curriculum and classroom environment best.   

Students are assigned to counselors based on the first letter of their last name.  

Carly Van Alfen (A-GL)                                                          Nelda Mackey (Go-N)

Counselor                                                                                        Counselor                                            

(916) 971-7452                                                                                  (916) 971-7414 


John Beedy (O-Z)                                                                    Beth Hein (Special Programs)

Counselor                                                                                         Counselor                                                  

(916) 971-7416                                                                                    (916) 971-7403


Carrie Mitchell                                                                         Mamo Rafiq

Counseling Secretary                                                                   College & Career Technician                                           

(916) 971-7436                                                                                 (916) 971-5900 ext. 201025